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 June 2024!

Celebrating 11 years

March 2013-2024!


"Life did not begin on Earth, it continues on Earth...Mankind (Humans) needs to accept and acknowledge the existence of Extraterrestrial life throughout the Universe, fore it is simply a fact of nature. Mankind needs to 'mentally evolve' (permanently change) their way of thinking regarding Extraterrestrial Life, and treat them as a part of everyday life, as you would treat another Human from a different country, to learn and interact with Extraterrestrials in that way and not kept them as a 'Top Secret' file or project." quoted by Jessica Youness, Theorist, Researcher, Author, UFO Investigator, President and Founder of the UFO Club Of Virginia since March 2013 and life long Extraterrestrialologist (one who studies and researches Extraterrestrial life, their crafts, where they live, and everything about them), never ending research like genealogy.JY.

"Through research I find and collect UFO reports for various days, months or years. I would like to make clear my definition of the abbreviation UFO, to me it stands for Unidentified Flying Object which is Extraterrestrial in nature or at least there is a strong possibility of this fact. No matter what group, or military or government may call these crafts, I will call them UFOs. Please keep in mind not all UFO sightings are EXTRATERRESTRIAL, but simply crafts that are unknown to the witness at the time of the sighting." Quoted by Jessica Youness, President and Founder of the UFO Club Of Virginia.

*I am willing to work with the Police Department, Sheriffs Department, All Branches Of The Military And Other Law Enforcement Agencies, as well as the Fire Department and all other Emergency Services, to help guide them in all Extraterrestrial information including Advising 'Of How To Handle The Situation At Hand', Investigations, UFO Sighting Reports, Landings, Crashes, Abductions and all other things necessary to  help  solve an "Extraterrestrial Event." I am also willing to do Lectures for the above mentioned groups. They can contact me by email at theufoclubofvirginia@yahoo.com

*All information shared at the UFO Club Of Virginia (within the meetings or private meetings) as well as on this website or social media, (including all lecture material, my theories and research), is copyrighted material and the property of Jessica Youness, which cannot be used by others for financial gain, used by the media or published through any means without my written permission.

 "Does the U.S. government and military cover up UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life? Of course they do! They claim it is for the 'public's safety,' and on a 'need to know basis,' or it is for National Security that they hide this information and the fact that most humans cannot handle the truth about Extraterrestrial Life. There is plenty of evidence proving that Extraterrestrial Life exists, it is up to you, whether you choose to believe it or not. When will there ever be enough evidence to satisfy the unaccepting? That is the million dollar question!" Quoted by Jessica Youness, Ufologist, Theorist, Researcher, Author, UFO Investigator, Founder and President of the UFO Club Of Virginia (quoted on June 1, 2014).

***If you would like to report a UFO sighting or Extraterrestrial event, please go to the contact page and fill out the contact form. It is very simple~ just tell us about what you witnessed, date, time and if you have a photo or video. Make sure you leave a current email and phone number so we can contact you!  Thank you!                                                             

Whether you are a lifetime advocate of Extraterrestrial Life and their crafts (UFOs), or new to our cause, we invite you to join us (membership only). Our topics range from Ancient Aliens, UFOs (their crafts), present day sightings, historic events, abductions, UFO crashes, technology, communication, and so much more.  For more information on how to be a part of the UFO Club Of Virginia (now a private club/members only), contact Jessica Youness, Theorist, Researcher, Extraterrestrialologist, Author, UFO Investigator, Founder and President of the UFO Club Of Virginia since  March 2013. Please go to our contact page and email us at theufoclubofvirginia@yahoo.com    *We have a 'core group of members' based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but our information and research covers Earth and beyond!

Below is an interesting little historical statement that is from General Douglas    Mac Arthur regarding Earth's future...

Our Mission~

Our mission is to come together as a group of "individuals," who would like to study, learn and research all UFO and Extraterrestrial related events.

The UFO Club Of Virginia also investigates UFO sightings and all Extraterrestrial related events, such as abductions, landings, crashes, etc...

We are based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, however our group covers the entire state and beyond... Our physical club meetings are private now (members only), however we at times will lecture at a function or related event. The online gatherings and information we share are for the public's viewing however the information is still copyrighted. Please contact us for details.

Jessica Youness, Theorist, Researcher, UFO Investigator, Author, Extraterrestrialologist,  Founder and President of the UFO Club Of Virginia, since March 2013. Contact us by email at theufoclubofvirginia@yahoo.com


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